Add instant glamour to your counter spaces, tables, and shelving units with KAFTHAN’s elegant handmade and hand painted vases with meticulous traditional Anatolian design. Our vases are made by using the traditional and unique Anatolian art techniques from the 16th century. The designs are created after Byzantium, Roman, Greek and Turkish internal and external architecture elements.

Handcrafted and hand painted with floral motifs, KAFTHAN's ceramic vases are elegant art objects on their own. Fill them with flowers for a stunning display.

These Turkish ceramic vases are beautifully sculptured out of a mixture of cement, clay and other material, baked and handcrafted into a variety of designs. Like so many of the items in our collection ceramic vases are beautifully displays the graceful bounty of nature. The stately elegance of these pieces will fascinate the eyes for years to come.

- Each vase is unique and one-of-a-kind
- Although some designs appear similar, there are subtle differences between each vase due to the handmade nature of KAFTHAN’s products
- Liquid safe. KAFTHAN's vases can hold flowers and water

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8 of 8 Items