The signature flower design of Kafthan's teapots are a testament to its superb craftsmanship. Produced in Turkey, these authentic teapots are painted by hand and reflect the fine artistry of the skilled artisan; no two teapots are exactly the same.

With their traditional and unique Anatolian floral designs, Kafthan's teapots give presence to special occasions and everyday meals. They can be used to brew coffee, tea or other drinks. They can also be used as a decorative art piece in your kitchen, entry hallway, living room or dining room.

- Each teapot is unique given its handmade nature, with its own artistic design in terms of patterns and colors
- Color vitality and texture are protected for many years through glazing. High ratio of quartz makes our teapots durable for many years
- Food safe
- For best maintenance, we recommend that these teapots are hand-washed
- For best maintenance, please use wooden or silicon utensils with the teapots. Please avoid using any metals
- Please keep in mind that these teapots are 100% handmade art piece that is not microwave or stove safe

- Height: 8.5" with lid, 5.5" without lid
- Length: 21"
- Depth: 4.5"
- Capacity: 25 oz
- Weight: 1.1 lb.